Pastor: Maurice Mills


     Elder Maurice Mills became Pastor of the church February 9, 2002. Prior to becoming Pastor, Brother Maurice was Assistant Pastor of Zion United Baptist Church called "Pack Bottom".

       Brother Maurice also sings with the "Calf Creek Singers", and leads the song "When the Angles Step Back", and part lead on "Jesus is Keeping Watch Over My Soul", a song he learned from a dear departed Brother, Elder Walter DeHeart.

Deacon: Edward Bowen


     Brother Edward "Ed" Bowen ordained a Deacon, Saturday, February 13, 2010, Brother Ed was married to Sister Juanita "Whitt" Bowen for 46 years, Sister Juanita passed away May 11, 2009.

Deacon: James Hinkle

Clerk: James Hinkle

     Brother James Hinkle recently accepted the office of Clerk. Brother James was saved in 2008, he is married to Sister Mary who teaches the teen Sunday school class. Brother James also holds Office of Deacon.

Treasurer: Maurice Mills


Assistant Treasurer: Bascom Crum

Sunday School Teacher: Donna Howard

Sister Donna Howard, wife of Brother Marcus Howard, serves the church as the primary Sunday School Teacher, teaching ages 8-12.

Sunday School Teachers: Julie Bowens and Ruth Crum

     Sister Julie Bowens and Sister Ruth Crum, serve the church as Elementary Sunday School teachers,  teaching the 1-7 age group. 

Sunday School Teacher: Mary Hinkle

     Sister Mary Hinkle wife of Brother James Hinkle serves the church as Teen Sunday School teacher, teaching the 13 - 17 age group.

Song Leader: Shorty Marcum

     Brother Shorty Marcum has been the "Song Leader" at the church for many years, he also is lead singer for the "Calf Creek Singers". Brother Shorty has been singing for the Lord for over 50 years and is known for singing "Stepped In the Water".

Song Leader: Edward Bowen

     Brother Edward "Ed" Bowen served as Assistant Song Leader to Brother Shorty Marcum until Brother Shorty became ill and unable to attend. Brother Ed now assumes the role of song leader. Brother Ed also sings with the "Calf Creek Singers", and is know for his love of singing.